Shelbie is a Louisiana wedding and portrait photographer with a twist of romance & timelessness through both film & digital photographs.

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After going through the process of marrying my best friend and then building a family together, I've been given a first hand account of what my clients are experiencing in all those most cherished seasons of life... and have fallen even more in love with my job because of it.

I see myself & my own family in my clients' lives.

But that's the least interesting thing about me!  I love to travel.  I believe in deep, true, once in a lifetime love.  My husband and my children are my world.  I am a devout Christian that loves the Bible and could skip small talk and dive right into the deepest conversations.  I've backpacked through Europe and ran barefoot on the Bonneville salt flats in Utah.  My life is a wonderful mix of adventure and quiet nights at home and I love both.

Hi, I'm Shelbie Louviere Arana and I'm a film photographer.

who am i really?

Very quickly, I fell in love with it and my books filled up - I never looked back!

I worked within the school system for a few years while simultaneously learning photography...

I had gotten my degree in Speech Pathology from University of Louisiana of Lafayette.

I didn't think photography would be my full time career until, well, it was.

my career in a nutshell

My job is simple - to create beautiful photographs of your happiest moments.

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Traveling the world together.


Our first 'baby' together, Gryffin.


We love our cultures - both my cajun culture and my husbands' Colombian.

002. numero DUE

Our little family is and will always be my number one.

001. NUMERO uno

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Spicy Margarita

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Marry your best friend

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Florence, Italy

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